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Dog Halter to stop pulling ♥ Sporn Halter Harness ♥ Your Beast Friend

Dog Halter to stop pulling – Sporn Halter Harness

Dog Halter – Does your dog pull you? Almost every dog pulls on the leash when being walked. This creates harmful pressure on their neck and unwanted stress for the dog owner.

For over 20 years, the “Sporn Halter ” has helped millions of dog owners around the world, gain instant and humane control of their dogs. It was the first harness of its kind to address this specific issue and is the only dog walking device that works by providing a gentle stimulus underneath the dog’s front legs choke chains and prong collars claim to combat leash pulling, but dogs have less sensitivity in their necks and will usually continue to pull creating unwanted pressure on their trachea and larynx.

Also, the halter diverts pressure away from the neck making it the perfect choice for dogs that choke themselves. When they walk petted Sherpa, sleeves help to ensure comfort for your dog and prevent the restraint from chafing underneath the dog’s front legs. It’s like power steering, when the dog feels the pressure underneath its legs, it will immediately back off the leash. This feeling is not painful, but can be compared to a tickle sensation which is awkward enough to keep them from pulling.

Plus, most mammals including canines have a series of nerve endings located underneath their front legs, this called the brachial plexus. The soft harness restraint works in conjunction with these nerve, endings to deliver a response to the brain that causes the dog to immediately react.

The guaranteed end result is a relaxed and enjoyable walk with your dog. A proper fit will ensure that the halter will function properly and wear comfortably.

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Here a great video about the “Sporn Halter”:

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